Landmark Properties, LLC and its subsidiaries support the Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, or familial status. The following qualification standards will be required from every applicant.


Rental Application

Applicant must be of legal age, eighteen (18) years and over. Everyone who will be residing in the apartment and is over the legal age of eighteen (18) years must submit an application and pay the application fee. All applicants must provide a valid Driver’s License, State identification card, Military ID or U.S. Government issued picture ID.


In order to help us complete your application in a timely manner, we ask that you complete every section of the application. There should be no lines left blank. If a line does not apply, please fill it in with N/A. If you need to call us back with more information, please do so as quickly as possible to ensure home is not rented to another party. Be sure to sign the application and date it where indicated. A lease does not become effective until the application is approved by Management.


Occupancy Standard



Availability Policy

Apartments become available to prelease when the current resident submits a written notice to vacate.


Age Requirement

Lease Holder(s) must be eighteen (18) years or older. All occupants eighteen (18) years or older will be required to complete an application (even if living with parent or guardian).


Income Requirement

The gross monthly income of all lease holder(s) will be considered jointly, and should equal 3 times the rental amount on the apartment. All income must be verifiable. Verifiable income includes two recent paystubs, a recent offer letter from your current employer, or the previous year’s tax return.


Employment Verification

Lease Holder(s) must have stable and verifiable employment or, if unemployed or retired, will be considered self-employed and must meet the guidelines for self-employment.


Self-Employment Verification

Must provide the previous year’s personal income tax return and the previous six months personal bank statements as


Rental History

Up to 48 months of resident history will be reviewed and must exhibit no derogatory references (such as evictions, filings or initial evictions or apartment collections). Any debt owed to an apartment community or a utility company must be paid before an application can be approved.


Credit Requirements

Establishment of credit history, credit score and credit ratings will be reviewed.  A history of financial responsibility must be present within report.  A score below 600 will not be considered.



All animals are subject to management approval and community policy.  The company’s standard policy is a maximum of two (2) pets (dogs or cats) with a weight of 80 lbs.  Breed restrictions apply and are subject to change.  There is a one-time, non-refundable pet fee due, prior to move-in, for each pet, ranging from $250-$400.  A monthly pet rent, ranging from $10-$25 per pet, is also charged separately from your standard rent rate.


Application Fee

Each applicant must pay a non-refundable application fee prior to your application being processed. 


Deposit to Hold

Upon approval, applicant is required to pay a deposit to hold the apartment of two hundred dollars ($200) immediately. Once received, applicant has 48 hours to sign the lease and pay the security deposit in order to officially reserve the home.  Should applicant not sign the lease and pay the security deposit within 48 hours, the deposit to hold becomes non-refundable, and the next applicant in line will be considered to rent the home.


Criminal history

A criminal background check will be conducted on each applicant. The application will be denied for any of the following: Felony records in the last 10-25 years depending on the crime, any Violent Crimes Against Persons or sexual in nature for the past 100 years, Serious Misdemeanors in the last 5-10 years depending on the crime, exact name match on the OFAC Watch list, name or Date of Birth matches on the Registered Sex Offender Database, persons who have been , convicted or received deferred adjudication for a felony or a misdemeanor involving these crimes.


Co-signer/Guarantor/Additional Security Deposit

A COSIGNER/GUARANTOR AND/OR ADDITIONAL SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY BE REQUIRED IN THE CASE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: 1) No verifiable income for full-time students 2) Unsatisfactory credit rating; 3) Unsatisfactory income requirements.


If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, you may be able to qualify for an apartment with a third-party guarantor. The guarantor must pass the same application and screening process that you must pass, except the gross monthly income of the guarantor must equal 4 times the rental amount of the apartment.