Are the Panthers actually going to move to Rock Hill?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard the news that Rock Hill is the Carolina Panthers first choice location to move their brand new practice facility. Many government officials have weighed in on the subject, with Governor McMaster leading the charge to make sure the legislation gets passed for the move to happen. He and the state Commerce Department developed a 2 page analysis of the value added should the Panthers move their facilities into the Palmetto State.

They have projected that after 15 years, the value added to the state will exceed $188 million. These projections are based off of the Dallas Cowboys' renowned sports and entertainment District, which include hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, convention centers, and a state of the art facility. The thought is the Panthers will bring in a lot more than just their payroll, but an overall economic boom that will spread throughout the area.

Next to Large Townhome Community
Proposed Site for The Panthers, sits between Exit 82 and 79, right off of I-77

Not everyone is convinced that this will be a positive for situation for South Carolina and Rock Hill. State Senator Dick Harpootilian has objected to the bill, expressing that he would like to see more evidence before blindly passing something that may not be beneficial to his state. Even after the State Commerce Department released their analysis, he still feels there are more questions that need to be addressed.

Local residents have spoken out on both sides as well, with many people indicating that it would only bring more traffic and taxes, and not actually bring a ton of new employment opportunities.

Governer McMaster is adamant however that this will be a great move for York County. He and other lawmakers are still meeting with the new team owner and continuing discussions on how they can make this a net positive for everyone involved.

This is far from being decided yet, but its is looking more and more like a real possibility that Rock Hill could be growing soon!

Of course, even without the Panthers coming to town, Rock Hill is expected to continue its economic growth, benefiting from the expansion of the Charlotte Metro Area.

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