4 Reasons to Rent a Townhome!

The benefits of renting a townhome are becoming clearer every year. Home-ownership is not for everyone. The flexibility of renting is a major attraction, especially for younger generations.

Gone are the days where if you want to rent instead of buy, you have to choose between a tiny apartment, or an old run down single family home.

Enter townhomes. Townhomes combine the amenities and flexibility of apartment living, with the square footage and homeliness of single family homes. Townhomes are often newer than their counterparts. Newer homes are built with more solid and efficient materials, decreasing the average utility bill and home expenses. In comparison to apartments, they are built around the same feeling of community, but do not force their residents to sacrifice all of their peaceful enjoyment. You will never have another resident above or below you.

Landmark Properties offers the best of both worlds. Newly built, ultra-spacious townhomes at a rental rate similar or better than apartments on a per square foot basis.

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